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Powering nature’s diversity
for the green (r)evolution



SenseUP is reshaping the future of crop protection with our range of groundbreaking, eco-friendly biopesticides. Hitting the market soon, our products use the power of Corynebacterium and dsRNA to unlock optimum protection of crops without the drawbacks.


SenseUP dsRNA biological crop protection

  • Biological pesticide of microbial origin

  • Non-hazardous, traceless &


  • Affordable production

  • One platform – many products

The challenge

Shifting from chemical pesticides … to a better alternative

  • Crop protection is vital: Cost of crop losses due to plant diseases estimated at $60 bn a year (1)

  • But widespread chemical pesticide use contaminates soil and water, driving biodiversity loss and causing pest resistance

  • UNEP calls for a phase out by 2035
    of highly hazardous pesticides where safer alternatives are available

(1) Syngenta, (2) UNEP Sept 2023

The SenseUP vision
  • Unlocking the power of dsRNA – a sustainable active ingredient for crop protection

  • Enabling low-cost production at scale of dsRNA-based commercial products

  • Identifying and developing new solutions in food protection and animal wellbeing

Potential impact: 10.000.000 tons of additional products
to feed people annually, worldwide*

* If SenseUP reduces crop losses due to pests worldwide by 0.5%

  • A safe approach: Corynebacterium has been used in feed and food for decades.
    Our strain produces crop protection “actives” based on double-stranded RNA, which 
    are highly specific, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.


  • A natural product: inactivated bacteria cells holding the dsRNA represent a natural soil component and are non-GM. Made via fermentation using only plant-based nutrient media and water.

  • Established manufacturing: the manufacturing process is simple, robust, scalable
    and well-established in countless fermentation facilities all over the world.


  • One platform – many products: our versatile platform easily adapts to target specific pests and pathogens for crop protection, animal health, post-harvest protection
    and aquaculture.



We develop biotechnological production solutions – microbial strains and fermentation processes optimized for industrial use

that draw on our world-leading expertise, unique technologies

and years of experience.

Our approach

Our unique capabilities are based on:

  • Deep experience in metabolic engineering of microbial strains for industrial-scale fermentation

  • Unique metabolic engineering technologies and routines, as well as state-of-the-art genomics,
    transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics technologies


  • Exclusive bioinformatics toolkit and expertise in Omics data assessment and interpretation

  • Patented natural evolution technology based on single-cell biosensors and sorting.
    Enables screening of millions of strains in minutes and isolation of evolved higher productivity


  • Fermentation process mastery, including growth media and process parameter optimization

  • Successful transfer from lab-to industrial-scale

Our clients

We have developed excellent relationships with global players in the life science, feed, food
and materials industries, for whom we develop superior and commercially-sound biotech

production processes and deliver turn-key solutions.

About us

About us



We are a team of enthusiastic biotechnologists and engineers with deep technical, scientific

and business expertise in the biotech industry and an excellent track record.


Today, the SenseUP team has 11 members, most of us present since the spin-off from the Institute for Biotechnology at Forschungszentrum Jülich. Several additions are planned in the near future.

We also maintain a strong and broad network covering German academics, research institutes and industry players, all of whom provide us with specific support and knowledge when needed.


If you like what we do, feel free to send us a spontaneous application:

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