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What we offer

FACS Biosensor SenseUp

Strain & process development

We develop tailor-made production strains for small-molecules, proteins & peptides, or nucleic acids. Combining state-of-the-art synthetic biology techniques and our patented natural evolution technology, we access the full production potential for your product of interest and surpass current physiological knowledge, resulting in superior performance of your commercial production process.

We deliver:

  • Highly efficient, well-balanced, robust and stable production strains*

  • Customer-specific media and process-parameters

  • Comprehensive tech-transfer to our customers

  • Support during the upscale process

  • Ongoing support during commercial production

*If relevant, non-GM compatibility is possible.

Strain & process optimization

We also apply all the above to existing production strains, pushing promising strains forward, maximizing the yield of established work horses, solving problems for the difficult ones... Our natural evolution technology opens another dimension of optimization-potential, unraveling combinatorial effects, complex pathway-balancing and simply unknown targets and effects. AI-assisted media and process optimizations provide additional potential to increase the productivity of your existing production process.

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