Strain development

FACS Biosensor SenseUp

We develop microbial production strains. This covers both, de novo strain-developments and strain-optimizations. Our Metasensor-Technology gives unique access to natural evolution strategies, randomized library-screening and crossbreeding, representing superior paths to highly productive strains. These technologies are amended by state of the art metabolic engineering / synthetic biology methods.

De novo strain-development

On your request, we perform GM- or non-GM compatible engineering techniques to design optimal production strains for your application. We always combine these engineering-approaches with biosensor-based natural evolution strategies to surpass current physiological knowledge and access full physiological potential.

Strain optimization

You already did every imaginable metabolic engineering approach to make your strain better, but there is still need for improvement? Let nature do the job for us, by evolving your top strain to even higher performance. With our biosensor-signal as optical phenotype for productivity, we just cultivate your strain under industrial process conditions and "wait" for the one cell under millions which accidently gained a mutation, that effectively turns out to be an elegant solution for higher productivity.

Reconstruction of classical producer strains

Some classical producer strains obtained by rounds of undirected mutagenesis and selection do still provide unrivaled productivity. But many of them suffer from instabilities, growth-defects and other undesired side-effects of high mutation load. We identify single or combinatorial relevant mutations in your strain and reconstruct a clean and robust sibling of it using our Single-Cell Crossbreeding-Technology.

Development of Non-GM strains

The SenseUp Metasensor-Technology enables non-GM compatible strain development, based on natural evolution and/or undirected mutagenesis. Criteria for non-GM status differ between jurisdictions, but in almost all cases, our natural evolution approach makes it possible to generate and identify powerful production strains which are not regarded as genetically modified.

For an overview of products we are working on, please see here. Your product or desired organism is not listed? Ask us, in both aspects our technology is generally broadly applicable.