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…Do you work with a highly productive strain obtained by rounds of undirected mutagenesis and selection (often called classical producer strain)?

…Do you guess, that not all and every mutation in this strain is beneficial and your process could be faster with a clean reconstruction of only the beneficial ones?


…Are there frequent instabilities in your process but you can't avoid them, because your strain is a black box?


…Are you interested to understand your production strain to make it's components available for other products in your portfolio?


…Are you interested to generate IP and claim rights for specific genetic modifications in your highly productive strain but you don't know which mutations are relevant?

There are dozens of reasons to identify relevant mutations in your production strain, making it as great as it is. But in view of hundreds of mutations per strain, this is close to impossible with conventional techniques. Our Single-Cell Crossbreeding-Technology is made for that, generating clear information about relevant mutations in your production strain and reasonable data to protect those mutations.

Your advantages:

  1. Fast reconstruction and analysis of dozens of single mutations found in your production strain.

  2. Reliable data for protection of beneficial mutations.

  3. Combinatorial reconstruction, achieving a clean and robust sibling of your classical producer strain.

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