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Amino acids are our history. We excel strain developments for amino acid production. If you need superior production strains and relevant processes, assistance in strain- or process-development or any other support regarding amino acids and derivatives, we are the one to ask.


With our comprehensive experience in optimizing GRAS organisms like Corynebacterium and our unique technological opportunities to perform non-GM compatible natural-evolution, SenseUp is perfectly suited to develop GRAS and non-GM strains for fermentative production of natural products & fine-chemicals...


Our Corynebacterium platform enables secretory production of native proteins with high yield, high purity and high safety. As Gram-positive organism,

C. glutamicum naturally secretes proteins efficiently into the medium, enabling correct disulfide bond formation and simple protein purification from extraordinary clean culture supernatant...

RNA SenseUp

RNA has breathtaking capabilities as therapeutic agent, as biopesticide or as functional molecule in cosmetics. However, current in vitro transcription methods are neither scalable nor cost-effective. SenseUp is currently developping a novel plattform, for in vivo production of long RNA, enabling unlimited scalability and dramatically reduced production costs compared to in vitro transcription.

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