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Expansion of our bioproduction platform to pharmaceutical proteins and peptides

SenseUp has been awarded a grant by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), for SenseUp to apply their platform technology to the production of pharmaceutical proteins and peptides. The grant provides SenseUp with 2,1 million € non-dilutive funding and will be used to further develop and scale-up their bio-production platform for pharmaceutical proteins and peptides in the next 5 years.

The funding was provided as part of the project "ModellRegion, BioRevierPLUS: BioökonomieREVIER ". With this project, the BMBF is funding a wide variety of promising research, development, and innovation projects (R&D&I) in the field of the bioeconomy in the Rheinischen Revier as part of the National Bioeconomy Strategy and the Structural Strengthening of Coal Regions Act.

SenseUp sees this funding success as a confirmation of their bio-production strategy and the great potential of bio-manufacturing determining what we eat, what cures us, the products we put on our skin, and the way we build our physical world in the coming decades. The company will play a key role in this transformation by enabling efficient bio-production platforms with crucial cost- and scaling-advantages using its disruptive natural evolution technology.

"SenseUp has a unique advantage here'' says Dr. Georg Schaumann, CEO and founder of the company, ''we have already developed groundbreaking bio-production processes for fine chemicals using our unique natural evolution technology. With this grant, we will now be able to do the same for pharmaceutical proteins and peptides."

About SenseUp Biotechnology GmbH

Founded in 2015, SenseUp develops microbial production strains and processes for large-scale production of e.g. amino acids under a licensing model. Compared to conventional optimization strategies, the patented SenseUp technology allows for 50,000 times faster selection of optimized production strains under relevant process conditions and thus enables customized and process-specific development of ready-to-use and optionally GMO-free high-performance production organisms. Especially for food and feed applications, these are important advantages for SenseUp customers. Extending the product-spectrum to RNA and proteins/peptides, SenseUp additionally focusses on markets for pharmaceuticals, animal-free consumer products and biopesticides.

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