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Peptides & Proteins


Our Corynebacterium platform enables production of complex proteins with a low-cost microbial process.

For manufacturing of purified recombinant proteins or peptides, one has plenty of choices. However, in almost all cases one must decide between two options: Microbial systems with an inexpensive and scalable upstream but more complex and eventually expensive downstream process, or mammalian systems with a simpler downstream but costly and time-consuming upstream process. Secretory protein/peptide production by Corynebacterium combines beneficial aspects of both worlds, an inexpensive and easily scalable upstream process and a simple and safe downstream process:

Advantages of Corynebacterium for expression of heterologous proteins
  • Proven industrial production platform

  • Anble to secrete heterologous proteins in g/l scale

  • Simple protein purification (no detectable protease activity, clean supernatant)

  • Correct disulfide bond formation (Chaperone-assisted folding in oxidative environment)

  • Scalable, robust, easy approval, GRAS status, non-pathogenic

  • SenseUP natural evolution technology available for ANY PROTEIN


Why Corynebacterium as additional host?
  • Complementary to E. coli physiology (Gram positive, natural secretion, suitable for peptides, suitable for inclusion body forming proteins)

  • Compatible to E. coli infrastructure (same cultivation systems, similar media and process conditions, similar handling)

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