Business models

We believe that different business models and modes of collaboration are suitable for different projects and partners: From licensing of own developments, over joint-development approaches and profit-sharing, to milestone-based fee-for-service projects… we are open to individually discuss the best option for each specific project.


We have numerous microbial production strains available, which are suitable for production or as a platform for further development. For every strain there is an optimized, industrially applicable and cost-effective media-recipe available, accompanied by detailed technical operation procedure for fermentation.

Joint development

If you already have an artificial biosynthesis pathway, e.g. for amino acid derivatives or related substances, we offer to establish and optimize this pathway in one of our production strains in a joint-development mode.

Fee for service

If you are just interested to order a round of evolutive strain-optimization or library-screening, we offer this in return to a fixed service fee plus milestone-based premium.

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